In his book “The End of a Memory” author Miroslav Volf looks at our true essence and says we are not:

  • What happens to us
  • We are not our actions

What then are we? I’ll let you know what he concluded a bit later but lets take it a step further.  We are not our physical body either.  Think about it every day 180 billion of your 70 trillion cells die and are replaced by new cells.  Whether these cells are healthy or not depends upon the quality and quantity of the energy they receive from the brain over the spinal cord and nerves.  So every year our physical body is completely replaced cell by cell, yet our personality remains intact as does our memory.  Now we are getting closer.

Our nervous system defines our existence; try and come up with one function that occurs in your body that isn’t governed by your nervous system.  Where do personality, emotion and memory live?  Your brain and nervous system.  What system senses and responds to both our inner and outer world? Again, our nervous system.

The seat of Life, is in our nervous system, specifically in our brainstem.  SO now the question becomes what is Life?  Chiropractors have named it Innate Intelligence, which is a subunit of Universal Intelligence.  Living things have a subunit of the perfect, intelligent, infinite universal intelligence that runs the universe running them – an Innate Intelligence.  Innate is the constant, it is there year after year from conception to death.  BJ Palmer said we don’t know how it gets in to the individual or where it goes at death but that its existence is factual.

Dr. Volf, who is a Doctor of Theology at Yale University, agrees.  He says we are all children of the Divine Intelligence which runs the universe.

The goal of chiropractic care is bigger than physical health.  In fact, it is even bigger than emotional health and well being.  The goal is to ensure the individual has a nervous system that is free of subluxation stress so this Innate, this Divine Intelligence can express itself fully, without interference.  This then allows you to express your potential and live out your purpose.

Be your Innate!  Dr. Rob